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Our highly skilled team at TyrePlus Malaysia takes pride in the services we offer and we work hard to provide our customers with highly-qualified auto mechanics and honest customer service. Our car service centres understand that repairing and detailing your vehicle may be one of your biggest expenses, therefore we work relentlessly, to ensure that your vehicle is getting the quality parts and maintenance which are appropriate for your specific make and model. We are always here to help you, no matter what issues you are facing with your vehicle.

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One Stop Shop
TyrePlus Malaysia provides full top-quality car servicing under one roof. Our goal is to ensure that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. At TyrePlus, we understand the importance of keeping your car in tip-top shape for safer driving and an overall pleasant motoring experience. We take pride in answering any and all of your questions and concerns, and with our team of car servicing experts on hand you can be sure you’re getting the best information out there. Of course, we offer competitive pricing on all of our products and services with no impact on quality. You will never have to worry about car maintenance again, or about which car service centre to choose. Put simply, we provide the best facilities and staff for all your vehicle repairs and services. TyrePlus Malaysia has it all in one convenient location near you.

Our tyre shop and car service centre can be found in cities in these states: Johor, Kedah, Pahang, Perak, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Terengganu and W.Persekutuan. We strive to make our top-quality services available to as many vehicle owners as possible.

Top Named Products
At TyrePlus we proudly partner with popular brands, such as Michelin, Bosch, Castrol and Motul to provide the best services possible. Whether you’re looking for a tyre shop that can accommodate passenger car tyres, SUV tyres, or commercial light truck tyres, our knowledgeable team at TyrePlus has you covered. We will help you decide on the product and brand that will work best for you as well as the type of driving you do. Our car service centre can recommend different types of products and brands based on your driving habits. So, whether you mostly drive in the city, on freeways, or in the countryside, we will make sure you are looked after.

World-class Service
Our services include; tyre repair, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, alloy wheels, batteries, vehicle servicing, oil changes, brake servicing, shock absorbers, nitrogen air, air condition servicing and other accessories. No matter what service you need, from a routine check-up to an emergency repair, we can help you get back on the road in no time. From major tyre repair, lubricants and batteries to suspension and braking systems, no job is too big or too small.

Our team of experts are highly-qualified, knowledgeable professionals who work hard to service and maintain your vehicle to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. We understand that many people are not experts in the automobile industry, and that many of our customers don’t wish to just be told what needs to be done, but why your car needs what it does and also what goes into everything we do. We empower our customers with information about the basics of tyre repair, such as the structure of a tyre and how to read the sidewall of your tyre. Our tyre shop can also provide information on the tread, crown piles, carcass ply, rubber and bead of tyres, as well as how to indicate tyre tread wear, the size of your tyre, the direction in which to mount, tyre pattern and the maximum load and pressure your tyre can handle.

We understand that when you know more about what goes into your car maintenance, you understand more thoroughly the need for routine car servicing and repair. TyrePlus car service centre are built upon the principles that highly-trained and educated service professionals, quality brands and services, as well as friendly and helpful customer service, are the most important aspects of a successful business that can truly benefit and inform our customers.

Contact one of our friendly service professionals today and see how TyrePlus can help you with any questions and concerns you may have about your vehicle or any of the services we offer.

Tips / Care

Check the pressure of your tyres, including your spare, monthly and before any long journey.