Founded in 1853, the Motul brand was created with the fundamental vision of developing and distributing the highest quality performance engine lubricants and lubricants for industries.

Over a century and a half later, Motul remains the alpha leader in the sector, with an unparalleled brand that spans Europe, America and the Asia Pacific.

First launched in New York as the Swan & Finch Company, a subsidiary of the John D. Rockefeller New Jersey’s Standard Oil, the brand Motul first advanced into the European market with the introduction of the region’s first multi-grade oil. This led to the set up of its headquarters in France.

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In the 160 years since inauguration, Motul has consistently pushed technological boundaries to launch products that address the intense demands for high technical value-added automotive and industrial lubricants.

Motul’s reputation as the pioneer in research and development of high tech lubricants holds fast to its tradition of constant innovation. A track record of technological breakthroughs and first-to-markets also evidence Motul’s intuitiveness towards anticipating user demands.

The formulation of the latest generation of 300V Motorsports Line, 300V Factory Line and 800 2T using technology is a classic case in point.

A trusted lubricant specialist, Motul is well sought after for exclusive OEM partnerships. Supported by a worldwide network of offices and production facilities, a strong research and development team supported by some of the world’s top engineering experts, and comprehensive sales and marketing support, Motul has earned every bit of its outstanding recognition and global status amongst major manufacturers.

For more than 60 years, Motul has also been the force behind many renowned teams in the international competitive motorsport scene.

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TRD Sport Engine Oil
H-TECH Prime
MULTIPOWER PLUS Technosynthese®