TECH in Malaysia
Founded in 1939 by Charles Cornell, TECH™ pioneered a cold vulcanization process in the U.S. that repaired tires without heat, revolutionizing the tire industry. Headquartered in Johnstown, Ohio, TRC is committed to innovation around the 4r’s of Recycle, Repair, Repurpose, and Reuse. TRC is ISO 9001:2008 certified. TRC has twice been awarded the Presidential “E-Star” Award for excellence in exporting. Today, TECH™ produces a full range of tire repair materials including radial and bias repair units, plug-patch combination repairs, inserts, RFID tags, vulcanizing cements and related chemicals, uncured cushion gum, and extruded rubber. TRC’s family of companies and brands manufactures and distributes more than 10,000 products globally.

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Uni-Seal one-piece repair units provide a simple, quick, and safe method to properly repair radial and bias tires with injury angles less than 25 degrees. Uni-Seal feature a lead wire for quick and easy installation in prepared tire injuries. Each stem is wrapped with TECH’s™ thick chemical cushion gum which permanently fills, seals, and vulcanizes to the tire. Customers around the World trust TECH™ for complete Tire Repair and Wheel Service Solutions.

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List of products
Air Tool Oil 753
All Purpose 115
Buffing Wheel RH140
Cabinet 100
Carbide Cutter CC6
Drill S1035
Low Speed Buffer TP755
Mounting Compound 722
Rub O Matic 704A
Scrapper 933
Security Coat 738
Soft Wire Brush S892
Spiral 915
Sticker 936
Tire Spreader PS2
Chem.Vulcanizing Fluid 7.8OZ 768
Uni-Seal Ultra With wire 1/4" 6 mm. 250UL
Rear Exhaust Kit For S1036/1039 S1037
Air Powered Vacuum S999-1
Low Speed Buffer S1036
Injury Measure Tool TRT105
Round Point Flexible Skiving Knife 942
White Tire Paint Stick Box of 12 951C
Quick Change Chuck S1045
Short Adapter S1046