Alloy Wheels and Sport Rims

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There are two main types of tyre wheels; steel-plated and alloy wheels. The term alloy wheel refers to any wheel product that is made from a combination of aluminium and other small traces of metals. Alloy wheels are incredibly strong and lightweight and with their popular aesthetic appeal, tend to increase the overall value of a vehicle, while steel plated wheels are typically found on older vehicles and aren't as durable.

What are Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels are sport rims, which are considered an upgrade from their steel-plated competitors. While steel wheels are difficult to damage and are less expensive, they are much heavier and clunkier than alloy wheels. Alloy sport rims are better looking and better performing wheels, made popular by their sleek appearance. Even though aluminium is a lightweight metal, once alloy wheels are strengthened and reinforced by the other metals involved, the end result an extremely popular design that offers high-level performance and aesthetic appeal.

The Benefits of Alloy Sport Rims

Sport rims first became popular in car racing, hence the name; but over time, more and more people with everyday cars start using them. The reason many people buy a set of these alloy rims is to enhance the overall appearance of their car. Alloy sport rims also weigh considerably less than their steel counterparts, which is attractive in itself for easier maintenance and tyre repair. These rims can bring your vehicle to new levels in both performance and looks. Not only will you love the new, sleek alloy rims, but you can be sure any potential buyer will too, should you want to sell your vehicle down the road. A good set of rims can increase the value of your car, giving a potential buyer one more reason to purchase your car over any other.

Another benefit of using alloy sport rims is that they can be fitted on your vehicle to allow for more brake clearance. Our expert auto mechanics at TyrePlus, will tell you that alloy wheels increase gas mileage and the overall handling and performance of the car.

Sleek Appearance

Alloy wheels can be found in all standard sizes, with a large selection to choose from. For vehicles with common bolt patterns, it won't be hard to find rims in sizes from 13 inches, to 18 inches. You can also choose the type of finish that appeals to you, such as chrome, painted or polished, and you even have the option for customisation.

Lightweight Material

Sport rims are known to be lightweight yet durable due to the materials used in their construction. Car rims are classified as 'unsprung weight', which means that the weight isn't supported by the car's suspension. Since unsprung weight can make the vehicle vulnerable to shock transmission, alloy wheels benefit the car by decreasing the unsprung weight of the vehicle. This will increase the car's handling and steering precision. Alloy wheels can also increase the vehicle's gas mileage by making it easier for the car to accelerate. Who doesn't love easier mobility and saving money?

Increased Brake Clearance

By choosing an alloy sport rim you are allowing for an increase in brake clearance. Changing to a set of good alloy rims, as provided by TyrePlus, will increase your vehicle's brake performance and will allow for an easier time pressing the brake pedal. This will provide you with more control over braking and stopping your car in an emergency situation.


The material mixture of aluminium and other metals makes an alloy sport rim more durable and longer lasting than steel rims. If you are buying alloy wheels mostly for looks, you can feel great about your investment knowing that you'll have them for a long time. You will also enjoy greater control and more precise steering because alloy rims disperse heat much better, which lessens cracking and bending of the material.

Contact a sales representative at TyrePlus today and ask about our alloy sport rim selection. We know you won't be disappointed with your new rims.