Car Battery

Having a car battery in good working condition can be the difference between making a meeting or being stuck at home. At TyrePlus, we know how awful it can be to be stranded by the side of the road with a dead battery. The car battery is often the last thing checked by car owners and is often the root cause of many vehicle problems. Our staff takes pride in our ability to address and fix any and all battery issues our customers may be experiencing. TyrePlus strives to get your vehicle back on the road in as little time as possible, and one way we help you is through a complete understanding of car batteries and how they are to be fixed.

Checking the Car Battery

Your car battery is often neglected simply because of its placement within your vehicle. Tyre damages, dings, and broken tail lights are easy to spot and repair because they are easily viewed. Oil and transmission fluids will be changed regularly, but battery issues often come out of nowhere because they can be easily overlooked until your vehicle won't start. We know how annoying this can be, and we are here to help.

Checking your car battery is a service that TyrePlus employees are more than happy to do for you. We will remove the terminal covers and use a voltmeter to assess just how much battery life is left. If we find that there is plenty left, we will move along to address any other issues that may be causing the vehicle to lose power. If the battery is truly dead, we will need to replace it.

What else could be wrong with the vehicle?

The battery connections are as important to a running vehicle as the battery itself. If the connections from the positive and negative terminals are worn or corroded at all, TyrePlus is able to repair the issue. It may be as simple and inexpensive as fixing the cable attached to the terminals or as complex and potentially expensive as replacing the terminals altogether. TyrePlus's top notch employees have been taking care of these issues for years and will do the job right the first time.

If the nodes on the battery have been compromised in any way – corrosion or have fallen off completely, to name some examples – then the car battery will need to be replaced.

Replacing your Car Battery

TyrePlus has extensive knowledge in car batteries for any make and model of vehicle. The first thing our team will need to asses is which size of battery you will need. Not all car batteries are created equal, which means we can't put any battery into any car. There are various sizes that reflect the amount of power that is needed to start the vehicle. If you have a larger shipping vehicle or truck, the battery will be large and heavy; if you own a personal vehicle, the battery will be smaller and lighter. The knowledgeable staff at TyrePlus will know exactly which kind of battery you will need for your vehicle to run smoothly. Our shop also provides warranty on many of the batteries sold, so you won't have to worry if your car battery quits unexpectedly.

TyrePlus strives to provide peace of mind to its customers when it comes to car batteries, tyre rotation, or any number of the other services we provide. Being stuck road side can be aggravating as much as it is avoidable. Never get stuck with a dead car again by bringing your vehicle to TyrePlus. Bring it in today so our experts can check your car battery well in advance of it quitting on you. You'll be glad you did.