TyrePlus Oil Change Service

Our team of professionals at TyrePlus has been serving customers for years with all their vehicle needs and concerns. We take pride in acting as a one-stop shop for all of our customers, with services ranging from tyre repairs and brake system inspections, to wheel balancing and oil changes. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our services, from major repair jobs, to routine maintenance such as an oil change. We have no doubt you will leave our state-of-the-art facilities confident in knowing that you have an efficiently running vehicle, with the specific services and products your make and model uses and you'll feel as though you're in a brand new car.

What is an Oil Change?

One of the most basic, and yet one of the most important, services you should have done regularly is an oil change. The oil in your vehicle is essential to the life of your engine. Your engine can easily be damaged without the lubricating effects motor oil provides. With its absence, the different parts of your engine can move around and scrape against each other, causing them to grind away and wear out.

To check the oil in your car, you will need to be parked on level ground, with the engine having been turned off for at least five minutes prior. You will need a clean rag and you must open the hood above the engine. Next, you must locate the dipstick in order to pull it out of the tube it rests in. You can check the quality of your oil by taking some oil off of the dipstick and rub it between your fingers. If the oil feels gritty or smells burnt, then you will need an oil change at a TyrePlus near you. You can also wipe the dipstick clean with the rag, place it back into the tube, and then pull it back out to inspect the fresh oil. Keep an eye on the amount of oil still in the tube and double check where the oil line hits the dipstick. You should refer to the two permanent lines painted onto the dipstick that signify the maximum and minimum amount of oil that should be in your car. You want the level of your oil to hit somewhere between these two lines.

If you are unsure of how to go about checking your oil, be sure to contact us. We will give you guidance on what you need to do and offer advice on whether or not you may need an oil change.

Why a Regular Oil Change is Necessary for Your Car

Routine oil changes at TyrePlus will significantly prolong the life of your car and prevent expensive repair costs in the future. You can also prevent accidents from happening due to malfunctioning parts. An oil change will reduce the friction caused by inadequate lubrication in the engine and will remove impurities that can clog your oil if not changed regularly. This can contribute to decreased gas mileage, increased fuel consumption and even engine failure.

Another important step in an oil change is changing the oil filter. This filter is what will keep your oil from becoming contaminated between changes. Making sure the filter gets changed alongside the oil will ensure that your oil lasts through the date your TyrePlus technician recommends and doesn't deteriorate long before your next change is due.

Different Oils for Different Vehicles

Check the manufacturer's guide of your specific make and model to see the recommended type of oil to use at your next oil change. High performance vehicles will require synthetic oil while average cars use conventional oil. The weight of the oil will depend on your specific engine, as well as the current season. Heavier oils are used more in the summer since they use less heat to spread through the engine, and lighter oil is used during the winter months so that the engine can be lubricated properly.

Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and determine which oil will suit your specific make and model best. Our friendly staff will guide you through the entire oil change process, and will inform you of the best products for your car. As important as an oil change is to your car, you will not have to stress about knowing each and every component that goes into a top-grade oil change.

Contact TyrePlus today to schedule an oil change. An oil change can make all the difference when it comes to your car running at top performance.