Tyre Puncture and Repair

We understand at TyrePlus, that the last thing a driver wants to see is a puncture. Not only is the process of replacing your flat tyre with the spare incredibly annoying, but so too is knowing that you will have to have your puncture repaired. We have knowledgeable auto technicians available at all times to help you with your flat tyre when you need it the most. TyrePlus takes pride in knowing all there is to know about tyres and tyre puncture repair so that you can breathe easier knowing exactly where to take your vehicle after that unfortunate incident occurs.

The Damage a Tyre Puncture Can Inflict on Your Vehicle

Driving around on a tyre that has been punctured and is losing air can be dangerous. You may also find your car harder to handle and steer with the uneven balance caused by the puncture. Be sure to have your punctured tyre repaired immediately. If you don't, you will be doing your car further damage and will be putting your safety and other road users safety at risk.

Tyres require a certain amount of inflation pressure to carry the load of the vehicle. Therefore, driving on a flat tyre even for only a few miles can inflict serious damage and it may then need to be completely replaced instead of repaired. Check your tyres for telltale signs, such as scuffing on the tyre's inboard and outboard sidewalls. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you have tyre puncture, take your car into a TyrePlus near you to have a thorough inspection. During a tyre repair service, we remove the damaged tyre from the wheel and check the inside for any hidden damage and punctures. Going beyond an external inspection will greatly decrease the risk of a perpetual leak and yet another visit for repair, or possibly a replacement.

Another consideration to take into account when inspecting tyre damage is to look at the size, type and location of the damage. This will let you and your auto professional know if the damage can be repaired or if the tyre will need to be replaced. Usually a tyre puncture will only need to be plugged and patched and will not require a total replacement. However, some manufacturers limit the amount of damages that can be repaired; usually this limit is just two. Also, any punctures made in the shoulder and sidewall of a tyre cannot be repaired. Our team at TyrePlus will give you solid advice on what you should do in your particular situation.

Types of Tyre Punctures

A tyre that has been punctured by a small screw can be repaired if no other damage has been done to the inside of the tyre. A puncture made to the shoulder of a tyre from a large stone or another object for example, cannot be repaired as it is out of the permitted repair zone. Large tread punctures, long straight cuts and irregular gashes are also not allowed, since long cuts can slice through the tyre's steel belts, which will reduce the strength and durability of the tyre.

It is important to know that a tyre puncture, if repairable, should never be repaired using only a plug or only a patch. All punctures must be totally reinforced by both methods of repair, ensuring that the tyre will not suffer from continuous leakage caused by the same puncture. A rubber stem and a patch will adequately repair a puncture if it is less than 1/4 of an inch in diameter.

Dealing with a flat tyre is extremely annoying and can cause serious inconvenience to your day to day routine. However, having your tyres inspected for tyre punctures by a TyrePlus licensed auto mechanic will ensure the situation is resolved as quickly as possible.

Contact a TyrePlus location near you today. We are always available for our customers, whether you have schedule a routine checkup or need an emergency tyre patch job, we've got you covered.