TyrePlus Car Service

Regular car servicing and car maintenance at a TyrePlus car workshop will ensure your vehicle runs at it's best and will serve you safely for years to come. Whether you are mainly a city driver or if you consistently drive long distances on highways, no matter your car's make and model, you can always benefit from regular vehicle servicing throughout your car's life.

Our car workshop technicians will be sure to thoroughly inspect all of the components of your vehicle during a car service and can recommend the appropriate services and products to have your vehicle running at it's best.

The Main Reasons for Regular Vehicle Servicing and Car Maintenance

The parts and systems in your vehicle undergo wear and tear over time. From the road surface to potholes and slippery conditions, your car will go through many obstacles that can contribute to a less than perfect automobile. Tyres, brakes, lights, filters, and other elements of your car can all benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance. A more efficient vehicle can lead to lower fuel consumption and lower carbon monoxide emissions for a cleaner environment.

Other areas to keep in mind are regular checkups for oil changes, fluid changes, level monitoring, tyre rotation, tyre pressure, lubrication and cleaning. The exterior paint of your car also needs to be maintained for an attractive appearance.

One of the most important things you need to keep an eye on is changing your oil. Clean oil is crucial for optimal performance. Regular oil changes reduce the friction and allows for all the engine parts to operate smoothly. When there isn't enough oil or it is too old, it can lose its lubrication properties and can then damage the engine. An oil change is recommended every 5000-10000 kilometers. Give us a call at TyrePlus Malaysia to get your vehicle running like a well-oiled machine.

Car Servicing Leads to Safe and Efficient Vehicles

Your vehicle uses fluids for many of its systems to run smoothly. The brakes, steering, cooling and heating systems all use fluid to perform optimally. These are also all closed systems, which means that they have no way to allow the fluid to evaporate or leak. As long as all of these systems are maintained properly through a car service, they will be able to retain the fluid that they need to function. If you notice that the fluid has decreased in any one of these systems, then contact our team of professionals at any TyrePlus Car Workshop immediately to remedy whatever is causing the leak.

Coolant is another component addressed in a car service that prevents your engine from overheating. If there is not enough coolant in your system, then the engine in your car will overheat and may cause gasket damage. The gasket forms a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head. This seal separates the combustion chamber from the coolant passage in the engine and needs to be looked after. Replacing gaskets can be an expensive process so be sure to keep a watchful eye on your coolant. If in any doubt, contact us at TyrePlus about vehicle servicing.

Proper tyre rotation and wheel balancing is very important for a smooth and straight ride. Tyre rotation will provide for an even amount of wear on all of your tyres and wheel balancing will ensure that all the tyres are facing in the right direction and are aligned with each other. This allows you to steer straight, even when you lift your hands off of the steering wheel.

Regular car servicing not only makes your car safer for you, your passengers and other road users but also protects the environment due to decreased polluting emissions. A car that is running efficiently will need less energy to function, thus, decreasing the emission levels. Having a regular car service and undergoing regular car maintenance will ensure your vehicle runs better. Services such as line alignment, steering servicing and cleaning the air filters help keep your car running well. Line alignment and adequate pressure of the tyres will prevent any shaking of the car and make steering much easier. Changing the power steering fluid also makes for easier steering because this fluid will protect the spares from rusting and corroding. Clean air filters not only contribute to cleaner air that you breathe in your car, but they also help to minimize the dust and pollutants escaping from the engine. All of these services can alleviate any concerns you may have of personal safety and toxic debris emitting into the air.

Contact one of our representatives at a TyrePlus Car Workshop near you today and find out how we can help you maintain your vehicle with proper car servicing and maintenance.