Tyre Performance

Tyres, as the sole contact point with the road, play an essential role in terms of safety. They must provide enough grip during turns or braking, especially on wet roads.

If you have ever wondered what makes the tyres grip the road, please look here for more details:


By definition, grip means contact between two elements: the tyre rubber and the road surface. Two phenomena result from the rubber’s properties: grip and indentation.

Road Surface

Road surfaces differ in their ability to generate grip during contact with the tyre.

Grip is mostly determined by the road pavement’s ability to drain the water in order to dry the surface. In order for indentation to take place, the road surface must have a certain roughness. Different types of road surfaces can be distinguished using this criterion.

Wet Road

Grip is a direct factor of the road surface condition. On wet roads, grip is neutralized by the presence of water molecules and, in addition, indentation is reduced when the surface’s micro cracks fill up with water.